What Are to Deal With an Adult Daughter's Hatred Toward a Parent?

Adult children, including adult daughters, often find fault with their parents, however, the ways to deal with this problem vary depending on the situation but can include listening, respect, conversations and learning how to talk to one's adult child. For adult children who are resistant to reconciliation, struggle from mental illness or substance abuse or who are immature may not be able to reconcile with a parent. If the parent still wants reconciliation, he or she will need to respect their child's decision and wait until the child is ready.

If a person's adult daughter is interested in conversing, but is upset and angry then listen to what she has to say. Let her share her story and if there is any truth to what she is saying, acknowledge it. This will help her to let go of that hurt and to move forward.

If a person's child is interested in conversing, then the next step is to learn what to say and what not to say in order to keep things amicable. Many parents will ask children whether they have gained or lost weight when they next see them. This is upsetting to children. Instead, focus on talking about something that can only be positive. Another example is to avoid asking an adult daughter, "How can you live like this?" when visiting the daughter's home. Instead, suggest going out to eat or focus on a more positive aspect of the home. Remember that the young child has now grown into an adult and she may have different ideas about life than her mother or father does.