What Is a Daycare Business Plan?


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A day care business plan outlines the money required to open and run the business. It includes how the money is to be raised and spent, a budget, a business description, profiles of targeted customers, policies and marketing plans. It should include the location of the center and necessary licenses. It also needs to detail a timetable for the licenses, insurance, training, certification and emergency plans, such as fire drills.

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A day care business plan should also lay out the necessary equipment, its cost and the method of attaining the equipment. Staffing provisions are also important parts of day care business plans. Some issues that need to be addressed are the number of staff members needed, what pay scale is expected and the required ratio of staff to children.

Market research is a good way to determine target audience. It can be as sophisticated as determining the approximate number of area children from newborns to 5-year-olds and how many have both parents working, or it can be as basic, particularly in smaller areas, as simply knowing that day care services are needed. A plan should detail the center's hours, the general age of the children the center plans to serve, how many children can be accommodated and whether food is served. It should also address the expectations of the parents.

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