How Do You Find Day Care Positions?


As with any job search, finding a position at a day care center should begin with utilizing available resources to determine which facilities are located in the desired area and have available positions. Websites such as are useful for this type of job search.

If using a job search engine such as, search with pertinent keywords such as day care or childcare. Type the words into the Search For Jobs field, and choose an appropriate city or neighborhood in the Location field. An appropriate location is any area in which you could realistically commute to work on a regular basis.

Starting with the city in which you reside is typically a good start. Click on the Search button to pull up a list of available positions that fit your criteria. Now that you have located positions, begin narrowing your search based on desirability of the position, and the likelihood of getting hired, based on the posted requirements. Applying for multiple positions is always a good idea, as it allows you to further explore options through research and interviews.

Other methods of finding day care positions include more localized sources such as classified listings in a local newspaper or postings on websites such as Word of mouth is another excellent tool, and asking your friends and acquaintances about open positions can be a valuable way of networking to find a job.