How Do You Create a Pedigree Chart?


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To create a pedigree chart, you need to collect all information about your relatives and ancestors. The chart shows how traits are inherited by members of a particular family. The data collected should be accurate to come up with the correct chart.

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Having gathered the correct information, begin constructing the chart. There are symbols that represent the data fed into the chart. A circle and a square are the two primary symbols used in a pedigree chart. A circle represents a female individual while a square represents a male individual. An empty shape represents an individual who has a trait while a filled shape shows a person with no trait. There are varying shapes that can be drawn inside the circle and square shapes to represent different traits.

A straight horizontal line connecting the male and female shows a marriage. A vertical line from the married couple represents their offspring. The chart begins at the top with the first male and female individuals. From here, you can add more squares and circles to show siblings, twins, and different types of traits until the chart is complete. A pedigree chart is not only limited to showing humans lineage, but it is also used to show dogs and horses lineage.

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