How Do You Create an Infant Feeding Chart?


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The best way to create an infant feeding chart is to base it around the changing needs of the infant as it develops, such as using only breast milk or formula for the first 4 months, before moving on to pureed food in addition to milk or formula at the 6 month period. Any feeding chart should be tailored to an individual infant, however, as each can develop at their own unique pace.

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How Do You Create an Infant Feeding Chart?
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As every infant develops at a different pace, watching for indications that they are ready for more solid food can be essential when planning a long term chart, but also requires flexibility.

If an infant has begun to show significant weight gain for example, this could mean they are ready for more solid foods. Additional signs include basic chewing movements, teething and the ability to close the mouth over a spoon. An infant may not display all of these signs, but even a handful can be taken as a good indication they are ready for pureed foods.

Infants often take time to adjust to new flavors or textures, so it can be worth trying again if a certain food was not well received the first time. The infant may be willing to try the same food again in a few days with different results.

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