How Do You Create Daily Preschool Lesson Plans?


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To create daily preschool lesson plans, make sure to incorporate movement and sensor activities, circle time themes and topics, craft projects and printed worksheets for students to work on. Additionally, you may also incorporate daily songs and calendar or seasonal activities.

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How Do You Create Daily Preschool Lesson Plans?
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Various topics can be covered during circle time, so along with the lesson of the day as scheduled, other activities can be done on a daily basis, such as attendance or related calendar activities. Each section in the daily lesson plan consists of a small time period because of the typically short attention span of children at this level. The main goal of these lessons is to engage the students to help them develop cognitive, physical and social skills. Print enough worksheets for every student to have one during the scheduled time period for that activity.

Other fun activities that may be included in a lesson plan include games such as storytelling with pebbles or making hand-print leaves. For story telling with pebbles, draw images on a set of pebbles, such as a house, a happy face and a stick figure running, and have students select the pebbles from a bowl and tell a story related to the images they pick out.

To make hand-print leaves, have the students draw their hands on colored paper, and then cut out the hand prints and have students glue them to the branches of a tree drawn on a larger paper.

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