How Do You Convince Your Parents of Something?


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One easy way for a kid to convince his parents to do something is to ask politely. Showing gratitude and appreciation can go a long way toward helping parents feel that giving a child too many things or agreeing to multiple requests is not spoiling him. If parents know that the child is aware of and truly grateful for all he has, they may be more inclined to be agreeable.

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Also, try to make it known that it isn't taken for granted that a request is automatically allowed. Offer some sort of exchange for the request. When doing this, be very specific, with dates and times, and make sure that the offer is something useful or helpful to the parent. It's important to stick to the agreement once it's offered, as bailing out on the promise may make it much more difficult to get any positive consideration for future requests.

Timing is also key. Make requests when parents are in a good mood, and don't try to convince them of something when they're intensely engaged in another activity. Another good approach is to ask for a delayed response, especially if it's sensed that either parent is automatically inclined to say no. Request that they take some time to think the situation over and, in the meantime, be on good behavior, offer alternate suggestions, and choose some ways to illustrate reasons why they should agree to the request.

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