How Do You Compare Local Group Homes for Teens?


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Talking to workers at group homes about amenities, programs and conditions; finding out how many teens are at each home; asking teens who have stayed at the homes about their experiences; and researching the outcomes for teens who have left the facilities are all ways of comparing them to find the best group home options. Speaking with local law enforcement can also provide insight concerning the group home environments and the people who stay there.

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Teens in group homes usually attend local schools as part of the program, which means consulting local teachers about group home programs is useful for gaining informed recommendations. Some teens have experience in multiple programs or homes due to family or behavioral problems. While they may be difficult to locate because of confidentiality laws regarding juveniles and their records, they can offer a perspective about how the group homes compare to one another when it is possible to consult with them.

While a group home is a common solution for troubled teens as of 2016, research indicates that foster care offers better overall outcomes for many participants due to more personalized attention. This makes researching and comparing those programs with group home options worthwhile for those trying to assist their loved ones.

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