What Companies Offer Lesson Plans Appropriate for Teaching Infants?

What Companies Offer Lesson Plans Appropriate for Teaching Infants?

Several companies offer infant curriculum programs with lesson plans and activities that are appropriate for babies, including Teaching Strategies, Adaycare.com, Highscope and the North American Montessori Center. There are also free lesson plans and infant activities available through the Mississippi State University Early Childhood Institute website, as of 2015.

Teaching Strategies publishes "The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos." The comprehensive three-year program includes foundational resources for caregivers, daily activities and learning games, and various teaching tools.

Adaycare.com offers monthly curriculum packages for infants in four age-specific categories. Each unit includes four weeks of daily lesson plans with colorful printables, songs, exercises and fun learning activities. The lesson plans are available as an instant download or can be ordered on CD.

Highscope develops an assortment of tools for early childhood educators, including a comprehensive infant-toddler curriculum package and a curriculum supplement kit with toys and activities to extend the daily lesson plans. The company also offers assessment tools and teaching resources, and hosts training workshops and courses throughout the year.

"Montessori 0-3 Classroom Guide" by the North American Montessori Center features infant lesson plans based on the hands-on, teacher-guided Montessori theory of learning. The organization also offers two infant manuals with lesson plans that help caregivers manage the changing needs of a growing baby and assist in the development of language, social and cognitive skills.