What Are Some Community Service Ideas for Teens?


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Teens can perform community service by mentoring a younger child, providing companionship to the elderly or working at animal shelters. Raising funds for worthy causes and maintaining a park or streets are other service opportunities.

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Teens can mentor a child from a disadvantaged family, a special-needs child or one whose school identifies the child as needing support from an older friend.

Providing companionship to an elderly person or a group can take the form of social activities such as board games, needlework or conversation. Teens can also teach the elderly to use a computer or cellphone.

Animal shelters rely on volunteers to feed the animals, clean their cages and give them exercise and socialization. Teens can join organized fundraisers, such as runs for cancer. They can hold their own campaigns, collecting donations for a family in need, for disaster victims or to save wildlife. Community service for streets, parks and nature preserves includes removing litter, planting trees and clearing hiking trails.

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