What Are Some Common Nicknames for Girls?


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Common nicknames for girls include Abby, Emma, Isa and Bella. These nicknames are short versions of Abigail, Emily and Isabella, names currently among the top 10 most popular for girls according to 2015 U.S. Social Security Administration data. Other popular girls' nicknames are Maddy, Gracie and Addy, which are shortened versions of the top-ranking girls' names Madison, Grace and Addison. Many girls also have nicknames derived from Katherine, a perennially popular girls name. These include Kate, Katie and Kat.

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What Are Some Common Nicknames for Girls?
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Other names on the list of top 50 girls first names include Victoria, Lillian and Penelope, which people often shorten to Vicky or Tori, Lily or Lil, and Penny or Pippa, respectively. The baby-name website Nameberry.com corroborates this trend toward old-fashioned girls names, noting that old-fashioned nicknames have also become the most popular in recent years. The site lists Daisy, Lulu and Tess as examples. Other examples given on Nameberry.com are Millie, Cleo and Rosie.

Other popular nicknames for girls are not necessarily shortened versions of longer names. These include Sweetie, Angel and Cherie, which comes from the French word for "dear". Common nicknames for baby girls include terms such as Bitsy, Princess and Sweetpea. Many other nicknames for young children are not gender specific, such as Jellybean, Sprout and Kiddo.

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