What Are Some Common Names for Baby Girls in Arizona?


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The five most popular names for girls born in Arizona in 2014 are Sophia, Emma, Mia, Isabella and Olivia, according to the Social Security Administration. These data only include baby girls with applications for Social Security cards.

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The most popular name in Arizona for baby girls born in 2014 is Sophia, at 482 names. Emma follows at 435 names, then Mia at 426, Isabella at 404 and Olivia at 388. However, these rankings only consider the exact spellings of names. The sixth most popular name for this demographic is Sofia, counted individually at 278 names. Including alternate spellings keeps Sophia and Sofia at the top of the list, with a combined 760 baby girls born with this name. Ava, Abigail, Emily and Victoria round out the top 10 names. The top 10 lists in 2012 and 2013 included Madison instead of Victoria.

These data only include names of babies whose birth records include the year of birth, sex and state of birth, and whose parents applied for Social Security cards for their children. Although children born to illegal immigrants are eligible to receive Social Security cards, many parents do not apply. Due to Arizona's proximity to the southern border of the United States, a significant number of the estimated 400,000 children born to illegal immigrants nationwide are not counted in these records.

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