What Are Some Common Causes of Stuttering in a 2-Year-Old?


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The causes of stuttering in 2-year-olds include developmental delays and genetic predispositions. In some cases, children stutter when they're trying to speak quickly or when they're excited about playing, according to KidsHealth.

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Family history is a large indicator of stuttering in children, and about 60 percent of people who stutter have a close relative with the condition, notes WebMD. Many toddlers stutter temporarily as they learn how to communicate verbally, and boys develop stutters up to four times more often than girls. Children who start stuttering before age 3 1/2 are more likely to outgrow the problem than children who start stuttering at later ages. While many children outgrow stuttering, those who exhibit a stuttering speech pattern for more than six months are less likely to outgrow the condition.

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