What Are Some Clever Hand-Washing Signs for Kids?


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One clever hand-washing sign for children showcases diagrams of hand shadow puppets in the shape of various animals with the tagline, “Don’t Be an Animal, Wash Your Hands.” Another shows pictures of hands beneath a black light that show where the bacteria is before and after washing.

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The best educational strategies for engaging children with humor depends on the child’s age. Children between the ages of 4 and 6 are at a developmental stage where they are learning to recognize jokes but still do not understand why they are funny, only that they are. For these children, inserting hand-washing tips into a familiar and predictable format such as a knock-knock joke can be memorable, even if an adult would not find the joke funny. At this age, the use of colored educational diagrams instead of humor might be more effective in communicating the strategy. One such diagram is EMed’s “Areas most, less, not missed when hand-washing."

As children grow to the ages of 7 and beyond, so does their ability to understand puns and other wordplay. At this point, humor and other clever signs may be appropriate.

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