What Are Some Clean-up Games for Girls?


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Some clean-up games for girls include Messy Parlour, Baby Angela Room Cleaning and Baby Tom Garden Cleaning. Such games teach girls how to be organized and neat from a tender age.

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Messy Parlour is a game about a girl named Annie whose beauty salon is in a mess after serving clients the whole day. The player is required to clean and reorganize the salon in preparation for the next day of normal services.

Baby Angela Room Cleaning is based on the life of Baby Angela, who is at risk of getting in trouble if she does not clean her room. The player is required to help her clean the room by gathering the toys and other items scattered across the floor. The player is also required to get rid of mud and stains from the floor using a vacuum cleaner.

Baby Tom Garden Cleaning is a game about Baby Tom, who has just had a great time with his friends in the garden. The player is then required to clean the untidy and disorganized garden by using the right cleaning tools provided in the game. All these clean-up games are available to play online on websites such as PinkyGirlGames.com, GirlGamesBox.com and GirlGames.com.

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