What Are Some Classroom Games/activities for Preschoolers Who Get Over Stimulated Easily?


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Classroom activities and games aimed at overstimulated preschoolers include playing with building blocks, quiet time in which children can play on their own, heavy lifting and carrying, reading stories, playing gentle music and lying down to nap. Overstimulated preschoolers should not be allowed to play with electronic games, which increase overstimulation and foster attention problems.

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Playing with simple toys such as building blocks helps preschoolers to de-stress. Turning all their focus on to one simple activity lets young children develop concentration, hand-eye coordination, concentration, spatial awareness, problem-solving skills and tolerance for frustration.

Reducing activity and noise is one way to help overstimulated preschoolers to calm down. Making it possible for them to take in less sensory input is valuable. Listening to music can be a sufficient activity in and of itself for a preschooler, not just background noise to accompany a different activity. Reading a book pulls a preschooler's focus inward and reduces sensory input. Some children also appreciate physical contact while calming down, even just gentle stroking on the back.

Some overstimulated preschoolers need to expend a lot of energy all at once to be able to calm down. For these children, carrying heavy books or walking heavily like an elephant can let them burn off energy. Blowing bubbles is also a great activity for overstimulated kids because of the deep breathing required to create the bubbles.

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