How Is Circumcision Surgery Done?


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A circumcision surgery is done by peeling the foreskin from the head of the penis and clipping off any excess. According to WedMD, the surgery takes five to 10 minutes for an infant and about an hour for an adult. These operations are usually performed by doctors, surgeons or urologists. However, these surgeries can also be performed by a religion's clergy members who are trained in the procedure.

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While proponents of circumcision report that it offers more advantages than disadvantages, Intact America reports that circumcision surgeries have a number of dangerous side effects including infection, abnormal bleeding, damage of glans, urinary tract issues and the removal of too much skin.

Adult circumcision rates vary around the world, but as of 2008, the World Health Organization reports that about one-third of all adult men in the world are circumcised. CircInfo reports that the overall circumcision rate in the United States was 79 percent between 1999 and 2004, but the rate has varied from 44 to 90 percent depending on the decade and the racial group being surveyed. In the United Kingdom, rates of circumcised men range from 12 to 48 percent, and, in Canada, about half of all males are circumcised.

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