What Is a Chore Chart for Kids?


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A chore chart for kids is a list that organizes household chores given children to do around the home. Chore charts list daily or weekly chores. Chore charts are an easy solution that help kids remember to do specific tasks. Parents can choose to make age-specific charts to appeal to young children and teens. Charts can be printed from premade designs or created from scratch from simple materials.

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There are several different types of chore charts. Printable chore charts are found online and come in a variety of fun designs. Parents can easily download and print these charts on a home computer. These are a good choice for children who can read. A less colorful but effective option is to make a simple list and post it on the refrigerator door or room wall. A chalkboard or erasable board works well for handwritten lists.

Parents can get a little more creative and make a recipe box organizer. Write chores on index cards and categorize them by days of the week. Kids pull out a card each day and follow the instructions. Parents can draw or paste images on cards for children too young to read. A points system that rewards a child for completing chores is a great incentive.

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