How Do You Choose a Reputable Surrogate Agency?


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When choosing a surrogate agency, important considerations include reputation and history, the screening process, legal issues, insurance coverage, and costs and fees, advises Fertility Authority. Whether researching surrogacy clinics as an intended parent or a potential surrogate carrier, it is helpful to have referrals from other clients and consult an attorney who specializes in third party reproduction.

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When looking for referrals, some key places to consult are friends and family, fertility doctors and support groups, states All Things Surrogacy. There are online agency directories with ratings and reviews of surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics as well. Once several agencies are under consideration, it is imperative to call the clinics or Skype with someone from the clinics to gauge comfort level with the facility. Having the opportunity to ask questions is helpful.

While there are hundreds of surrogacy agencies across the United States, many come and go quickly, explains Fertility Authority. It is vital to look for one that has been in business for an appropriate amount of time, that has seen enough clients and has established financial viability.

While some agencies merely provide matchmaking services without any screening process, others carefully perform psychological and medical screenings on potential surrogates, notes Fertility Authority. To gauge how selective a clinic is, it is useful to ask what percentage of applicants are accepted. Ideally, an agency offers criminal and financial background checks on surrogate applicants as well.

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