How Do You Choose Good Storybooks for Kindergarten Children?


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Adults can select storybooks for children in kindergarten by looking for books with familiar themes, word repetition and rhythm and interactive elements, such as pop-up books, notes Reading Rockets. These books engage young children with strong imagery, but also include slightly complex sentences to challenge.

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How Do You Choose Good Storybooks for Kindergarten Children?
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Adults can start by reviewing the book to ensure that it is geared towards an age range including kindergarten children, about 5 to 6 years old. Some books list a suitable age range on the cover.

It is important that each page of the book features strong illustrations. Imagery should be clear and follow along with the storyline. Pick a story line with age appropriate language. The story should have challenging and new words. It should also include educational content, but still be interesting. Stories based around popular children's rhymes, and fairy tales are among those that are good choices for kids.

Every now and then, try a book that challenges the child. If kids are reading above their grade level, they may be able to handle simple chapter books, especially if an adult reads along with them. Some options to consider for this option include popular children's classics. If it ends up being too much for the kindergartner, adults can always switch back to an illustrated book.

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