How Do I Choose Activities for Cognitive Development?


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Activities that promote cognitive development vary depending on the age of the child, but they can include identifying sounds and colors, making food choices, counting, singing and playing verbal games. Promoting activities that aid in cognitive development is an important part of parenting as well as professional child care.

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At 18 months, cognitive development activities should be underway. One of the most common cognitive development activities at that age deals with identifying noises. Ask the toddler to identify a noise they hear such as a barking dog or a knock at the door. Another popular activity involves presenting the child with simple choices, such as apple or orange juice. Practicing the alphabet, identifying colors and counting are also great activities for cognitive development. In addition, singing with the child is also a beneficial activity for development. By playing a song over and over again, the child’s memory will eventually allow for it to join.

When the child reaches the age of 3, verbal games that revolve around guess what, this or that, yes or no and finish the sentence should be used. Other cognitive development activities at this age include Hide and Seek, I Spy, Simon Says and Twenty Questions. Board games such as Memory, Connect Four, Old Maid and Candyland have also been shown to aid in cognitive development between the ages of 3 and 5.

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