How Do You Get a Childcare License?

How Do You Get a Childcare License?

To run a childcare business legally, it is necessary to obtain certain licenses and permits. Here are the steps to meeting the license requirements.

  1. Acquire the necessary skills

    Be ready to handle the behavioral issues, mishaps and emergencies that occur when working with children. Get first aid and CPR training and take classes on childcare before applying for a license. Complete a course or an orientation on managing a childcare facility.

  2. Understand the licensing requirements

    Research state requirements for the type of childcare business you wish to operate. Find out what kinds of documentation are required, such as copies of fingerprints, TB test documentation and driving records.

  3. Submit to a background investigation

    Undergo background check procedures at the law enforcement department, informing them that you are seeking a childcare license.

  4. Choose a location

    Evaluate potential locations for a childcare center with children?s safety in mind. Provide all necessary safety equipment, including first-aid kits, smoke detectors, carbon-monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers.

  5. Request an inspection

    Contact social services for facility safety inspection and demonstrate that your childcare center is complying with city and state laws. Obtain clearance for childcare licensing approval.

  6. Submit your application

    File all the necessary documents and pay the appropriate fee to the licensing office.