How Do You Help a Child Learn the Alphabet?

How Do You Help a Child Learn the Alphabet?

Some ways to help children learn the alphabet are to play alphabet games, point out letters when spotted in the environment, and celebrate letters of kids' names. Other ideas include reading alphabet books, playing alphabet bingo and singing the alphabet song.

Look for letters and have children go on an alphabet hunt. Letters can be hidden around the house or in the backyard, and children can go on a hunt to find them all. Another way to play with and begin recognizing letters is by playing with magnetic letters on the fridge. Have the child identify or sort letters.

To celebrate the letters of kids' names, start with the first letter. Find that letter on cereal boxes, signs and in books. Move from the first letter in the name onto the first letters of family members' names and then onto other letters in the child's name.

To play alphabet bingo, have the child fill out a blank board with letters of his name or letters of a friend's name. Call out letters and have the child find the letter on his card and cover it with a piece of paper or candy until he has won the game by covering up a full row.

Another fun way to learn the alphabet is to write letters with fun materials. Paint, water and sticky stuff are a few ideas.