How Do You Find Your Child Immunization Record?


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Doctor's offices and public health clinics often maintain child immunization records. When and if these records expire, submit a request to the state health department or check with the Immunization Information System in the state where the child received the immunizations to find the record.

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To make a records request, call the health department, and provide the information required. This usually includes your full name, address and maiden name, when applicable. The department may provide records via email, fax or mail.

Other possible sources for a child's immunization records may include the child's school or college. Immunization records are sometimes stored in safe deposit boxes, baby books and other important documents. Adult children's immunization records may be available through employers, such as the military. Although the child can be tested for immunizations, such tests lack complete reliability. Doctors may suggest re-vaccinations for children with unknown health history. Re-vaccinations are generally considered a safe procedure.

Use an immunization records tracker, available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the immunization booklet provided by your child's physician to keep track of current and future vaccinations. Participation in a number of activities, such as public school, some types of employment and out-of-country travel, requires a record of immunization.

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