What Are Some Characteristics of Good Dads?

characteristics-good-dads Credit: Corey Jenkins/Image Source/Getty Images

A good dad is thoughtful, accepting, caring, grateful, selfless, supportive, loyal and protective. He understands that sometimes his children need him to be very involved, while other times they need him to back off and let them learn for themselves.

It's been said that anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad. A good dad takes an active interest in his children's lives. His children should understand that he is always there for them, but a dad needs also to be able to provide structure and rules to which his children must abide.

A good dad doesn't punish out of anger or speak unkind words. He disciplines when he feels that his children need some sort of corrective action. After disciplining his children, he shows love and concern for them. He tells his children he loves them through his words and his actions.

A good dad also helps his children value the things they have. He teaches them the necessity of work and helps them understand the sense of self-worth they feel when they do a job well. Even though he knows that his children are not exactly like him, a good dad builds on commonalities, then lets his children grow into the people they want to be.