What Are Some Character Traits of Kids?


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Character traits vary greatly from one child to the next, although it's safe to say that many kids possess a natural sense of curiosity, a fair degree of self-involvement and an active, often-used imagination. Beyond basic characteristics such as these, children's individual character traits depend on various parenting and genetic factors, with birth order considered a chief determinant.

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What Are Some Character Traits of Kids?
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Birth order strongly influences the development of certain character traits in children. First born kids, for example, often demonstrate high levels of confidence, determination, organizational skill and leadership ability. Additionally, first-born children on average are anxious to please parents and other authority figures, sometimes to a fault, and they can be overly conscientious about avoiding bad behavior.

Middle children commonly struggle with feelings of disenfranchisement, bashfulness and an overall lack of self-worth. On the positive side, these challenges lead many middle-born siblings to develop a keen sense of diplomacy, a gift for problem-solving and a realistic perspective on life.

Conversely, a family's youngest child often possesses an innate sense of sociability and extroversion, coupled with a naturally affectionate sensibility and a uniquely persistent nature. However, these positive qualities frequently go hand-in-hand with a tendency toward manipulative behavior and a powerful sense of entitlement, easily leading to an inflated ego if left unchecked.

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