What Are Some Centerpiece Ideas for a Baby Shower?


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Martha Stewart has many simple and easy-to-follow centerpiece ideas for baby showers. Some of the ideas are flower-based centerpieces and others are hors d'oeuvre centerpieces.

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To make a simple single rose arrangement, display individual roses in glass votive candle holders. Snip off the stems, and arrange for a complete set. To make a floating flowers centerpiece, cut floral foam to fit a 7-inch wide shallow dish, and add water. Stick stems of gaylax leaves into the foam, and insert two or three large peonies with the stems trimmed on top. Make a place-card holder by cutting the floral foam to fit a 3 1/2-inch wide shallow dish. Stick the stems of gaylax leaves into the foam. Insert one large peony into the foam as well. Tuck a place card inside the flower.

To make an hor d'oeuvre centerpiece, purchase one large, deep-galvanized metal planter. Line the bottom of the planter with sprouts, and pour in enough water to moisten them. Arrange your vegetables of choice, such as cherry tomatoes, carrots, radishes and cauliflower, in sections inside the container. Vary the colors and patterns to your liking. Serve with an herb dip, or cover the vegetables with moist paper towels. Refrigerate the food for up to two hours.

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