How Do You Celebrate National Safety Month?


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National Safety Month can be celebrated with activities that teach and review safety protocols in the home and in the workplace. Some suggested activities include games that teach safety rules and holding meetings in the neighborhood to teach the importance of prevention.

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National Safety Month is celebrated during the month of June. The National Safety Council, known as NSC, uses this month to raise awareness on the prevention of injuries and deaths in the workplace and at home. The Health Finder lists several areas where safety education is used to prevent accidents. These areas include proper use of prescription drugs, keeping environments safe from slips and falls, taking distractions out of driving and staying safe in summer months and hot temperatures.

The NSC recommends walking through all rooms of the home and identifying areas where hazards exist. The Internet and social media are good ways to spread the message. Sending out tweets and embedding buttons on web pages gets the word out as well.

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