How Can You Wean a Baby From Pacifier Use?


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Wean your baby from his pacifier by slowly reducing the time it is available to him and providing a suitable substitute. Suitable substitutes include sippy cups and cups with soft collapsible straws, which promote proper facial muscles development and reduce the risk of ear infections, especially when compared to bottles and pacifiers.

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  1. Reduce pacifier usage during naps and bedtime

    Tell your child the pacifier is only for going to sleep. Explain that a part of growing up is moving on from using the pacifier to doing other things.

  2. Offer a substitute

    When your child asks for his pacifier during the day, offer a sippy cup or a cup with a soft straw filled with water. Avoid offering juice or sugary drinks to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

  3. Stop offering the pacifier at nap time

    After your child has adjusted to sleeping without a pacifier during the day, remove the pacifier from nap time. Offer his sippy cup and plenty of cuddles to help him with the transition. A special stuffed animal just for nap time helps as well.

  4. Get rid of all pacifiers

    After your child has moved on from nap time pacifiers, set a date for cutting out the bedtime pacifier. When that day arrives, throw out all pacifiers in the house. This reduces the temptation to resort to a pacifier during a tantrum. Show your child lots of love but stand firm against any begging for a pacifier.

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