Where Can You Find Teen Health Articles on Coping With the Hormonal Changes of Puberty?


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The TeensHealth website from the Namours Foundation and the Women's and Children's Health Network's Kids' Health website both have easy to understand explanations about puberty directed at young teens. The CalmClinic website addresses the issue with both parents and teens.

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The TeensHealth page has an audio option as well as a Spanish translation. The article explains bodily changes for young men and women in simple language that includes an appropriate amount of medical information. The information is suited for personal reading and/or for starting the conversation about puberty between parent and teen.

The Kid's Health "What is Puberty?" page is geared towards preteens and is presented in even simpler language. It answers general questions about puberty and discusses how the brain initiates the change, as well as outward and inward signs of puberty. It also includes reassurances that this is a normal part of growing up. The site encourages talking to parents about the process. A puberty crossword puzzle is included in a downloadable PDF file.

The CalmClinic site addresses puberty and the anxiety that so often accompanies the change. It is geared towards parents and teens and outlines anticipated behavior changes, how to recognize anxiety and how to cope. Online anxiety tests are included for both parents and teens.

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