How Can You Teach Your Kids Manners?

How Can You Teach Your Kids Manners?

Being consistent, demonstrating the desired behavior and having patience help teach children manners. Children may be taught standard social behavior through at-home practice or in a social etiquette class. The most common manners children may be taught are table manners, sharing, apologizing and common courtesies. Manners may be taught to children as early as 18 months.

Teach a child to say "please" and "thank you" by using the words in all appropriate situations. If the child doesn't catch on, then kindly prompt him by asking him what words he should use.

Parents Magazine states that children may acquire basic table manners by age 3. Provide a no-break plate, utensils and napkin to a child at mealtime. Encourage the child to use utensils to pick up the food and to wipe his face with the napkin after eating.

Encourage a child to share by offering her two similar toys and then asking her to share one with her friend. The similarity in the toys reduces the chance of a meltdown because her friend doesn't have something "different."

Apologizing may be difficult to grasp for children. By age 3, children understand apologizing, but they still need to be prompted until they initiate the process themselves.