How Can You Best Support Your Children's Interests?


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To best support your children's interests, watch the activities they enjoy and encourage them to keep doing those things. Tell your children to give you ideas about what they like to do.

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You can do things you enjoy with your child, but don't influence him towards an activity if he doesn't enjoy it. When he does express an interest in something, look for groups that he can join. For example, if he likes playing football, sign him up for a local football team.

A child may have many interests, especially if he learns new things easily. Help him find the activities that are most important to him, and make sure he doesn't try to do too many, as that can lead to stress. Set up a schedule and explain why he can only do a limited number of activities.

A shy child may not seem interested in traditional activities. Ask him if he wants to try an activity a friend is already doing. Broaden the activities you offer him to find something he likes. For example, ask if he wants to take an art class or join a Boy Scout group.

When planning activities for multiple children, create a balanced schedule so each child receives a fair amount of time for activities.

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