Where Can I Find Free Summer Camps?

can-summer-camps Credit: Hero Images/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Your best options for free summer camps for your children are through local churches, charities, organizations and schools in your area, as well as online.

There are a wide variety of summer camp options available for children all across the country, but summer camps can be expensive. If you are on a budget and looking for free summer camp options for your children, your best bet is to begin your search locally through churches, charities and schools. These agencies are often aware of summer camp programs for children that are funded privately or through government agencies, or these agencies may sponsor families who can not afford the high cost of regular summer camp.

One example of a free summer camp option is church bible camps. These are usually day-programs that allow children to enjoy a fun, safe environment while learning about religion and family values. Some churches sponsor children to attend overnight camps in the area and may even provide transportation to and from the facility.

Charities are a good place to look for free summer camp options. Many larger charities offer their own summer camps for kids or will sponsor children to attend other camps in the area. Cubs, Scouts and Brownie groups, as well as large charities, are a good place to start. Organizations that are geared towards kids will most likely be able to point you in the right direction.

Schools are another great place to seek out information. Many school boards offer summer programs that are free for families, allowing children an exciting and educational summer experience. If they do not have their own summer program in place, your child's school may be able to sponsor them to attend a local summer camp or have a list of free camps that they can provide you.

Be sure to look online as well. Many big corporations sponsor youth to attend summer camp or host their own. Tim Hortons in Canada is one example. They have several of their own camps that children can apply to attend all across the country free of charge. These camps allow children to enjoy the full experience of summer camp without the burden of cost.

When looking for free camp options, the key is to start early and exhaust all options. There are free camps out there in most areas. You just have to ask around and find them.