How Can I Find My Sister?

Some useful resources for those searching for siblings are search engines, social networking websites, specialized websites, local directory assistance, libraries, public records, state records, federal records and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Hiring a private investigator is another way to search for a missing loved one if the other methods do not yield the desired results.

Using multiple search engines can yield the searched person's telephone number and address. Online directories contain the addresses and telephone numbers of millions of people. Many missing persons can be found through their social networking profiles. There are also specialized websites and agencies geared towards finding people, such as the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration or

Using the library to find private investigators or companies that handle public records can move the investigation forward if an online medium is not effective. Some of the most reliable sources for public records are real estate and tax information, registered voter information, derogatory financial records and misdemeanor criminal records. Common state records include marriage licenses, workers' compensation records, bankruptcy records, birth records, divorce files and death records.

The DMV can help provide a home address, a date of birth and a complete description of the person searched. This varies according to the state in which the searched person resides. If no results are found, hiring a private investigator is another option. A detective is an expert in the field and has access to private databases that can streamline the search process.