How Can You Search Adoption Records From 1965?


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As of 2015, Alabama, Kansas, Oregon and Alaska are states with an "open records" policy regarding adoption. If the adoptee lives in one of these states and is 18 years or older, the state sends a copy of the original birth certificate at the adoptee's request.

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Other states have closed adoption records, but it is still possible to obtain information from other records related to the adoption. It is best not to start searching in the state where the adopted person was born. Adoption.com states that records are easiest to find in the state where the family finalizes the adoption.

In 1965, it was common practice for an unmarried woman to give birth in a maternity home. Some historical societies and archives keep maternity home records, and adoption agencies may search maternity home records and other medical records for a fee. However, most records are legally unavailable and impossible to access if the state does not have an "open records" policy.

When records are not available, websites such as Adoption.com and Adoption Registry Connect provide tools for adoptees to reconnect with their birth parents. Both parties must register with a reunion website for the process to work, but this is a popular alternative to searching adoption records.

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