Where Can You Get a Reliable GPS Tracking Device for Kids?


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A wearable GPS tracking device for kids can be purchased on the Precise Innovation website, as of 2014. They offer two versions of these tracking devices which are worn around the wrist or ankle and track children by GPS wherever they may roam.

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The kidsport GPS and the Caref are two wearable tracking devices created by Precise Innovations. These devices allow parents to track their child's movement while they are playing outside alone. The devices are lockable and send a signal to the parent's phone if the device is removed.

The kidsport GPS version features a panic button for the child to press in case of an emergency. It is the simpler of the two devices offered by the company.

The Caref device has a built in phone and watch function. This allows parents to call the child to let them know that they are too far away or that they need to return home. This "smart watch" technology is very much like the technology used in smartphones, making it more likely that children want to wear the brightly colored, kid-friendly tracking devices.

As of October 2014, these two devices are available for pre-order from the Precise Innovation website for $129 each. In addition, a $9.99 monthly data fee applies to devices used in the United States, and a $14.99 monthly data fee applies to devices used internationally. The devices can be used anywhere in the world with an active data plan.

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