How Can You Find Your Real Parents Online?


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A person's real parents are often the adults who raise them. But finding real, biological parents of adopted children is now easier than ever before because of access to the Internet. Many online sites devoted to matching biological children and parents, as well as social networking sites, can offer valuable data and connections.

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According to Adoption Help, some states, or counties within states, have open adoption records. A quick Internet search can let an adopted person know what the law is regarding access to their original birth certificate, based on the state in which he was born or adopted.

MSN News explains that children who were not adopted through open adoptions or in states that do not have open adoption record laws can post whatever information they may have about their birth parents on social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest. There are also online communities and forums dedicated exclusively to adoption issues such as searching for birth parents, or joining "reunion registries," where people can post pictures of themselves or links to their social network sites. Adoptees can include any information they have about their adoption or birth, including names of biological parents and the geographical area of the birth. If the parents' names are known, the Internet is a good search tool for tracking them down, using their names, the place of the birth and their approximate ages.

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