How Can I Find My Real Father?


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The best way to find your real father is to first find out his name. This information can be obtained from your mother or from your birth certificate. If the mother is unsure who your father is or his name is not listed on the birth certificate, asking other questions is appropriate.

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How Can I Find My Real Father?
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If your mother does not know who your father is, it is important to ask her questions about who your father might be and then go through a process of elimination after seeking out information to contact each person. If you have a name, state, and age, you can use a variety of searches on the Internet or through private investigators to track him down.

If your father could be more than one person, you may have to expend additional resources to track multiple men down. After you find out a man or list of men, the next best thing to do would be to contact each of them individually, either via phone, drop-in, e-mail, or postal mail to inquire about whether they think they might be your father. If you have it narrowed down to just a few people or one person, the next step would be to do a blood test, which is a fail-safe way to determine paternity.

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