Where Can You Find a Printable Blank Family Tree?


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There are multiple online locations for printable family trees. Some of these are genealogy websites or research help sites. A search-engine hunt allows you to find many different options. Many printable blank trees are available at Familytreetemplates as of August 2014.

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Which family tree to print depends completely on how and where it is to be used and displayed. Take the time to look through the different options and decide which is most appealing and suitable. Choose to print an artistic rendering of an actual tree and use beautiful writing to decorate it for display in a special location in a home. Print a simple family tree to help genealogy research projects. A quick printed form allows for the recording of information during an interview with an older family member or to jot down a problematic family connection during the hunt for clues to resolve it. In any situation, there are printable family trees readily available on the Internet.

Choose a PDF file to print that is personalized, and record the correct information on the form before printing it out. This step avoids having to handwrite the information and makes the printed form suitable for display on the wall or for a history project.

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