How Can You Print Out a Family Tree Sheet?

How Can You Print Out a Family Tree Sheet? has numerous family tree templates available for printing. The site has multi-generational templates available for everything from a simple two-generation to a complex 10-generation tree. The site offers free templates in PDF format or templates in an editable DOC format for a small fee.

The fee for the editable DOC format is avoidable with some skill in Adobe Photoshop. Once the PDF file opens, adding text creates a new layer automatically without disturbing the original image. Move this layer and the text into position as needed. Once all the names are in position, flatten the entire multi-layer image into one image, and save it as a PDF or as an image file.

There are advantages to saving the flattened image as an image, namely that it is viewable by anyone regardless of platform. Saving the flattened image as a PDF file is ideal for printing because image files do not scale well. If the image is blown up into a larger size, the resulting picture may be textured and pixelated, whereas a PDF scales upward and looks sharp no matter what size is printed. For printing, use the print option in the editing program, and follow the instructions for the printer used.