How Can You Prevent a Baby From Developing Infant Flat Head?


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According to Baby Center experts, plagiocephaly, or infant flat head syndrome, can be prevented by changing an infant's sleeping position regularly, alternating sides for feeding, providing an infant with plenty of tummy time and shortening sitting time.

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Repositional therapy, which involves the sleeping, feeding, sitting and laying positions of an infant, is the most effective way to correct and prevent infant flat head syndrome, according to Baby Center.

Sleeping positions should be alternated by simply repositioning an infant in their crib: one night place the infant's head towards the top of the crib, and the following night place the infant facing towards the foot of the crib. According to Baby Center, the same approach should be taken when it comes to alternating sides during feeding to avoid recurring pressure in the same spot of the head.

Tummy time is a great way to avoid placing pressure on the soft skull of an infant to avoid plagiocephaly, while also strengthening the neck muscles necessary for motor skills while the baby is awake, says Baby Center. According to Caring for Kids, the ideal amount of supervised tummy time is a minimum of three times a day at a duration of 10 to 15 minutes.

Finally, long periods of time spent sitting in a car seat, baby carrier or baby swing whereby the head is placed in one position should be avoided, as this can be a significant cause of infant flat head syndrome, according to Baby Center.

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