How Can You Predict What a Baby Might Look Like?


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Ways to predict what your baby might look like include learning about genetics or visiting websites that analyze photos of you and your partner and then synthesize a potential baby's photo. Dominant genes are more likely to express themselves than recessive ones, explains Parents.com.

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If you know the parents' and other family members' eye and hair color, height, weight, and other features, you can guess which features a baby might have. Dark hair and eyes are dominant over light colors. You can guess at height by adding the father's and mother's height and figuring the average. Add a couple of inches if the child is a boy. Subtract a couple of inches if the child is a girl. Results may vary by child, notes Parents.com.

BabyPictureMaker.com and Make Me Babies are websites that allow uploads of photos of parents-to-be and analyze them to determine how their child might look. Both of these sites are free to use.

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