How Can You Persuade Your Parents to Give You Money?


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Parents typically want to help their children succeed but don't always believe that giving them money leads to success. Parents are more likely to help their children financially when they believe that their children truly love them and are asking for something they really need.

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  1. Try to strike a bargain

    Offer something your parents care about when asking for money. You might offer a promise to study harder at school or to complete certain chores around the house. Offer to pay half of the cost for something you want to purchase, thereby demonstrating your sense of financial responsibility. If your parents turn down your initial request, go back to them with suggestions as to how you can meet their concerns.

  2. Prove your maturity

    Behave like an adult, especially around your parents and their friends. Show your responsibility by completing small tasks without being asked. Keep your commitments, and don't resent your responsibilities. If your parents feel you are likely to use the money they give you wisely, they are more likely to be amenable to your requests.

  3. Ask your parents to consider your request thoughtfully

    Don't demand an immediate answer. Ask your parents to think about their answer before responding. Your ability to wait for an answer is a sign of maturity.

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