How Can I Organize a Chore Schedule for Kids?

How Can I Organize a Chore Schedule for Kids?

Chore schedules help both kids and parents. Kids can learn about the responsibilities and the importance of helping each other, while parents can share their workload and reduce the stress.

  1. Figure out the chores

    Try to select the jobs according to the interest and ability of the child. Research which specific tasks children are able to do at their age levels. At age 2 or 3, kids can help make the bed and put toys away. A child of 4 or 5 years can help set and clean the table, and feed the pets. Younger school kids can vacuum, help with laundry and take out the garbage. Teenagers can help do most non-dangerous household tasks.

  2. Decide the workload

    Determine the amount of chores that should be done per day and per week. Keep in your mind that children also have homework and other extracurricular activities, and be sure to give your child enough time for relaxing and playing.

  3. Design an attractive chart

    Create a chart including all the chores per day and per week. You can use your chart throughout the year, or change it from time to time. Get your kids to help create and design the chart. Post your chart where your kids can see it regularly to remind them of their tasks and motivate them to do their jobs.