How Can You Help Mothers and Daughters Talk?


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Mothers and daughters can improve their communication by being willing to listen to each other. It's important not to try to change one's mother or daughter but to listen to their concerns and feelings with respect and objectivity.

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Being honest about the fact that there are times when mothers and daughters disagree can also improve communication. Realize that a mother and daughter are two different people who have differing viewpoints on a number of issues. Listening to a daughter or mother with empathy can also enhance communication, so one should first strive to express support rather than offering a solution to the problem under discussion. Sometimes a listening ear is all that is needed to make the other party feel understood. If there is a conflict between a mother and daughter, they should work to resolve it quickly so that resentment does not linger. It's important to learn to forgive and to realize that a mother or daughter is not perfect. This keeps people from forming unrealistic expectations of each other. If the mother and daughter are both adults, it's important for both to realize that they need to communicate as adults now and that they should show each other mutual respect.

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