How Can You Make Your Parents Proud?

Children, particularly teenagers and young adults, can make their parents proud by performing well at school and making wise choices. While adolescents often feel as if they can only make their parents proud by following their parents' agenda for their lives, Psychology Today points out that this is not always the case. In fact, parents are usually proud when their children become active or productive members of their communities.

Children who wish to make their parents proud should talk to them and find out what is expected of them as children. As Parentdish UK points out, causes for parental pride range far beyond the expected major developmental milestones or performance achievements, especially when it comes to younger children.

Some parents feel proud when their children learn to express themselves verbally, creatively or even sarcastically. Some parents feel proud when their children demonstrate that they are responsible and independent and others feel proud when their children display good manners without prodding.

Parents also feel proud when their children share similar interests or choose to follow in their footsteps or in the footsteps of a successful family member. When a parent feel extremely proud of the accomplishments of their children, they often feel like they have done a good job raising them, notes Psychology Today.