How Can You Make a Kids Height Chart?


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To make a kid’s height chart, you need a piece of board or wood, preferably a fence post, about six feet long. Sand the wood gently to open up the grains, and then age it using stain or paint. Spread a measuring tape along the wood and use a pencil to mark the feet on the wood. Trace over the pencil markings with a marker pen, and insert numbers against them. Apply clear varnish to complete the height chart.

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Most of the materials required are available around the house. For instance, a person could use ground coffee grinds or even garden soil in place of stain. If you feel you must use paint, purchasing discounted mistint paints from the local stores is a practical option. For the numbers, you could get creative and use attractive fonts. Alternatively, print out colorful digits and stick them against the markings to enhance the appeal of the height chart.

It is prudent to leave a couple of inches at the base of the wood before marking it with a pencil, as this provides room for mounting the height chart. When mounting the chart, use poster mounting tape at the base to prevent it from swinging.

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