How Can You Make Your Baby Feel Comfortable With Your Husband When Breastfeeding?


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While breastfeeding, a baby and her dad can build a relationship by allowing the dad to have as much skin-to-skin contact with the baby as possible. This includes cuddling, naps, bathing or any activity that encourages physical closeness.

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The dad can also be near the mom and the baby during feeding time. He can handleg the burping sessions after the feedings as another contact opportunity. Once the baby can be bottle-fed breast milk, or at three or four weeks old, the dad can begin to take over some or all bottle feedings. This method can take some experimentation because the baby has to be comfortable with the nipple used on the bottle. Outside of feedings, a dad can take his baby for walks in strollers or slings and play with her on the floor; these times ideally involve continuous and quality attention.

It is important for a dad to establish a daily routine with the baby that does not disrupt her feeding and bonding time with her mom. Dads need alone time with the baby to build a connection. This also gives a mom the opportunity to have a break, take a nap or take care of any other pressing needs.

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