Where Can You Find a Free Life Skills Curriculum for Kids?


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Free life skills courses for kids can be found online at Life Skills Rx, The Home School Mom and e-learning for Kids. Content varies, and study topics include communications, personal finance, safety, health, cooking and choosing the right career.

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Children can learn life skills throughout childhood into young adulthood. Kids aged 4 through 7 can be taught to make eye contact, listen when another is speaking, shake hands when meeting others and to be respectful to elders. They can also learn the value of coins and how to pull weeds, fold towels and care for their own belongings.

Children aged 8 through 12 can learn to manage their time by using checklists, use simple tools, vacuum and mop floors and evaluate pressure from peers. They should also be able to compromise and understand appropriate situational behavior.

Showing empathy for others, being consistently on time, being responsible with cell phones and preparing a meal are skills demonstrated by teenagers aged 13 to 15. Kids in this age group should be able to manage a reasonable bedtime and use a calendar to track important dates and obligations.

Between ages 16 and 18, children should learn how to change a tire, use public transportation, start a bank account, complete job applications and safely use prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

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