How Can You Help Kids Tell the Time on the Clock?

Help kids to tell the time on the clock by introducing time in general, pointing out how long things take, asking what the clock looks like at certain times and making sure the child can count to 60. It is also helpful if the child knows how to count by fives, but remember that telling time is difficult and to take it slowly.

Make sure the child understands what time is by getting him familiar with blocks of time in his day, such as eating breakfast in the morning and going to bed at night. Make it a habit to point out how long things take during the day, such as brushing teeth or eating breakfast. Additionally, point out how long favorite pastimes take, such as a TV show.

Patiently explain to children how to tell the time, and ask them what time it is, what the clock will look like in 15 minutes or what time a particular event occurs, such as the time they eat dinner. Creating a clock out of a paper plate and pipe cleaners can help children by allowing them to adjust the hands to specific times.

Once a child can comfortably count to 60, teach him to count by fives. Counting by fives makes figuring out the minutes on the clock easier because the numbers marked on the clock, one through 12, do not indicate five through 60.